8 Reasons Why You Should Become a CNA

8 Reasons Why You Should Become a CNA

In-demand healthcare careers such as registered nursing, licensed practical nursing, medical assistants and certified nursing assistants (CNA) all have one thing in common: they are projected to grow exponentially over the next decade and even experience shortages in their respective fields. That means if you choose one of these jobs as your career choice, you are sure to enjoy the kind of long-term job stability that is so hard to find in today’s pervasive temporary and “gig” job field.

If you have always wanted to work in a medical environment making a positive difference in someone’s life and in the lives of their loved ones, becoming a CNA may be the “dream” job you’ve been searching for. But why become a CNA as opposed to an RN or LPN?

Here are 8 reasons you should know about:

1. You can be working as a CNA in as little as six months

CNA programs are available at most community or vocational colleges and cost a fraction of what it costs to complete a four-year bachelor of nursing degree.

2. No university degree is necessary to work as a CNA

Upon completion of CNA coursework and hands-on learning requirements, you are awarded a certificate qualifying you to take the CNA exam and obtain employment as a CNA.

3. You will have no problem finding a job

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that between now and 2024, over 300,000 new CNA positions are expected to emerge in a variety of healthcare facilities. Job search website Indeed.com reports they have nearly 70,000 CNA jobs currently available.

4. Benefits and average yearly wages are above average

Most U.S. states pay between $25,000 and $30,000 per year to work as a CNA. Health benefits, paid vacations and retirement accounts are also available when you work as a CNA.

5. Becoming a CNA can be a stepping stone towards a specialized nursing career

Many certified nursing assistants work a few years as a CNA and decide they would like to work as an RN in a specialty medical field, such as pediatrics, surgical nursing or gerontology.

6. No two days are ever the same

If the idea of sitting in a cubicle behind a computer monitor creating quarterly budget spreadsheets depresses you, consider the exciting and richly rewarding career as a CNA.

7. The need for CNAs exists EVERYWHERE

As a CNA you can choose the kind of healthcare environment in which you want to work—retirement/assisted living communities, physician’s office, rural/urban medical clinics, schools and hospitals.

8. Flexibility to work different shifts

Want or need to work first, second or third shift? Depending on where you choose to work, you should be able to work your preferred shift. In most cases, overtime is usually available, especially at hospitals and other 24/7 healthcare facilities.

Interested yet? If so, we can help you with finding and enrolling in a CNA program that is convenient and affordable. Learn more about becoming a certified nursing assistant by contacting us today!